Time for a Poll

So last night before I went to bed Megan alerted me to the ongoing French strike taking place this week. She brought it up because Sara is supposed to fly up to Paris for the weekend and they are worried they will not be able to meet up because of said strike. This got me thinking and worrying because we are going to Istanbul next week.

Normally a week to sort out Megan returning is not a big deal as these strikes tend to eventually work themselves out. However, this next week is complex. I am heading to England Monday in the early AM and Megan is supposed to return to Stuttgart the same day. We will miss each other by a few hours. I return late Wednesday and then we only have Thursday to get ready for our super-duper awesome HendrHout Istanbul getaway.


Listen France, don't mess with Megan and Fiona


I have a feeling I may have to pull what I call a “Joel” (a brother-in-law of mine) where I will be in a hotel across the English Channel trying to orchestrate transportation for Megan and Fiona to get back to Stuttgart. Let’s hope the French work it out.

Still following me? So time for a poll–will Megan make it back? Will she want to come back? Please provide another answer if you have one. (consider that a challenge from me to you).  Here the latest roundup from the Beeb to help inform your voting.

And the track of the day is a song I hear at 6.27AM today. It is a happy song:



2 responses to “Time for a Poll

  1. She’d better come back!!!! Your company is not to be beat, Rijen – way better than cheese and bread…although throw some chocolate in and you may have some competition. JK. That picture is so funny, I am glad you were able to interpret so well what Jonas was thinking – I could use you around here more often to help me translate!!


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