When Mom is Away….I blog

Yes Megan is in Paris with Fiona, Cara, and Holly. I am home in Stuttgart working away. That is okay as Istanbul is near! Only 1o more days. I thought I would post a few pictures from our latest outing to Burg Eltz (see here). It was a good outing, although Europe as a whole seems to be under renovation/construction. I’ll let the pictures doing the talking for me as I am not a good blogger like Megan who does a much better and much more extensive job than I do.

The walk from the parking lot to the castle. Fiona just likes to walk nowadays, which on an autumn day in Germany is just fine by me.

Descending down to the Burg

The sun was in our eyes and I took it upon myself to teach Fiona how to use your hand to block he sun. It didn’t really work.

The road into Burg Eltz. It is a great castle, even with the renovations.

Meg and Fi

Hanging out in the courtyard of the castle waiting for the english speaking tour…

Megan and I having fun telling Fiona to knock on the door. That lasted about 45 seconds then she was bored. I can’t blame her, I would be too. But then she thought the metal bolts were buttons and that kept her busy for another 45 seconds.

The favorite pastime of killing time when Megan has the camera. The pictures really worked out well this time. PS I caught her.

33. Wow. I don’t feel old and I don’t feel young. I guess I just feel 33. Plus my birthday was 10/10/10 and I only realized after the fact that people were intrigued about 10.10PM on 10/10/10. Binary enthusiast unite!

Fiona enjoying the cake. It was a fun birthday. Thank you Megan, Holly, and Cara for making it a great day. Fiona also insisted it was her birthday as well. The whole day I was helping her learn Happy Birthday and she kept saying “daddy’s birthday and Fiona’s birthday” I guess she couldn’t let the chance to have a party go by without her involvement in it.

The track of the day/blog for today is Melancholy Hill — a nice song to fit the mood of missing Megan and Fiona:


3 responses to “When Mom is Away….I blog

  1. Rijen – I LOVE the pictures with you and Fiona. Keep blogging! Not that I want Megan to be traveling without you, but REALLY, I love your posts.


  2. Yes, Rijen, you’re right. Europe is CONSTANTLY under construction 😉 That’s because lots of our buildings are very old (and probably wouldn’t exist anymore if they hadn’t been renovated every once in a while), and of course there’s always new stuff to build (whether we need it or not). I love the picture with you throwing Fiona up in the air, her hair looks hilarious 🙂 Can’t believe that she’s walking, no more holes around the knees of her pants. Oh and, Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag nachträglich! (Happy belated birthday).


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