80 Percent

Rijen here. I’ll be brief.

On Monday Megan went in for a first trimester screening appointment. (Oh by the way, Megan is pregnant with our second–due in early May–in case you had not heard).  Everything is just fine and going well. During the exam Megan asked the doctor if it was too early for him to see the sex of the baby. He said he would tell her if he saw anything. At some point during the exam he said, well I am 80 percent sure that you are going to have a baby boy.

Fast forward to that afternoon and I am on the phone with Megan while still at work. Megan said “please call before you come home” which I agreed to do. Megan often does this and has some reason for doing so. Sometimes it is for some new house decoration or some new word/action thing Fiona said/did that day. I personally thought she or Fiona were dressing up in some Moroccan garb that Megan bought on her just-concluded-trip in Fez and Tangier.

Back to the phone call.

When I called on my way home she said “call again when you get to the garage.” As I pulled up to the garage and clicked the garage door opener there was a sign attached that raised as the door came up saying “There is” and then on the door to the apartment building  the letter “a” and then up the stairwell “80 percent” then further up “chance”  then “our baby” and then at the top of the stairs “a boy” and Megan was there with a soccer ball and Fiona. It was really fun of Megan to do that and needless to say we are both very excited. Now the hard work begins–finding and agreeing on a name. . . .


Track of the day: Babel from Nortec Collective. My recommendation? Just play this and go do some busywork in the house while it plays in the background:



4 responses to “80 Percent

  1. Wow, that picture is great (I honestly never recognized anything really on the older type of ultrasound pictures). Well, congratulations on the 80 percent boy 🙂 Good luck with picking a name. You should do another poll.


  2. Congratulations, you guys!!! We’re so excited for you. Also, I’m totally digging Megan with dark hair. Very mysterious. Jake’s still kind of freaked out about it. And we can’t believe how blond Fiona has gotten! They both switched teams on us!


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