Coming to You Sporadically Since 2009….

I hereby put my Genji analysis on hold for a very important announcement….

…I am approaching my 100th post!!

And for someone who really enjoys having a blog, but doesn’t get around to blogging hardly ever, this is an achievement! I’m not going to put a superlative before achievement because….for most casual bloggers, the 100th post would have come in the first year, maybe two…and it has taken me five years to reach this point! So, that’s an average of 20 posts a year. That’s two a month, not too bad for a busy mom, right? I think once a week would be great, just to have a record of what we are up to.  However there is probably no way I could ever be that prolific. But here is how it really breaks down.

2009- 15 posts

More goofing around

Goofing around with Dad

Too much goofing around leads to....

Too much goofing around leads to….

Photos from Jump on the Bandwagon with Me (April 18, 2009)

2010- 23 posts

..but getting creamy AND chunky was almost too much to handle!

..but getting creamy AND chunky was almost too much to handle!

Photo from Fiona’s Italian Birthday Party (March 10,2010)

2011-19 posts

December- 4th Month- Berlin, Deutschland

December- 4th Month- Berlin, Deutschland

Photo from 9 Countries in Utero (May 14, 2011)

2012- 27 (!!) posts


I’ve got the boots and the bowlegs, PLEASE can we get a pony?*

Photo from Fi is three (August 26,2012)

She was a bit bothered by the big black "splat." We talked about it.

She was a bit bothered by the big black “splat.” We talked about it.

Photo from Painter’s Palette Dress (March 8, 2012)

2013- 12 posts

Geisha in Gion, Kyoto

Geisha in Gion, Kyoto

Photo from Red 赤 Aka (March 12,2013)

2014- 3 posts (including this one)

What is really sad is how many posts are just in my head- meaning, me thinking….I thought for SURE I had posted about that!! Birthdays, Halloweens, Christmases…..all the travel we did in 2010 AND just recently 2013….pretty much nothing on that.  Doesn’t mean I won’t still do it retroactively though!! But let’s not focus on the negative so…….

HERE’s how I’m going to celebrate my 100th post:

  • The next post will be kind of a “best of” or “favorites” post. I’ve briefly reviewed the past 5 years of posting and have about 10 things I’d like to share. It’s not a “TOP TEN,” but that’s how I’ll try and organize it into 10 sections.

  • I’ll share some statistics (not that exciting, but it’s always fun to look at the stats from time to time)

  • I’m going to FINALLY update the “ours” page of this blog. Thats where I have chronological photos of Fiona and Leif from birth- each week of their life through their first year? Well, that was the idea anyway. For the past 5 years, Fiona der Woche almost made it to year 1- stopping on week 48. Leif der Woche (poor Leif) stopped at week 8. I have ALREADY updated Fiona’s through her first year, and I MAY do one photo a month from now on. I will also pledge to update Leif too. I think it is really fun to scroll down/up and see how they have changed and where we’ve been/what they are up to in the photos.

(PS I also notice that my kids don’t get that cute until week 15 or 16, that’s 3 or 4 months old. Check it out, it’s true)

  • AND MOST EXCITINGLY A giveaway which I am announcing……..right…………



A specially curated box of kawaii (cute) Japanese little things and treats from a few of my favorite stores. AND to make sure that this giveaway actually happens, I’ve already gotten it all ready.

Let's enjoy Japanese treats together!

Let’s enjoy Japanese treats together!

photo 2

All packaged up

WHO will win this giveaway? 

photo 3

The not-so mystery package

You don’t have to do ANYTHING to get this package because the work has already been done and the winner decided.

The lucky(?) person who will receive this package is the person who has commented THE MOST on my blog. 

Now, when I tell you the numbers, it will be funny, because my blog and its readership is so tiny, the numbers are also as tiny. I write this blog for me and my family. If I didn’t look at it that way, I would be too self-conscious and I would go crazy. Obviously though, I do enjoy sharing what I write with my family and friends and perhaps those who happen to come across my blog. I don’t get that many comments when I post, but I always enjoy the feedback I get and it is nice to have that interaction between what I’m writing and whoever is reading it. I almost always link my posts up to automatically post on Facebook, and I often get comments that way as well. HOWEVER, I am not factoring in those comments into this equation. And while I appreciate the comments on Facebook, I prefer them on the actual blog, because that way they are linked more concretely to the post and not lost on the timeline somewhere. Without further ado, here are the stats:

  • The person who is getting this package has commented 30 times!!

  • I have gotten a total of 310 comments on this blog.

  • I get about 2 comments per month, which is about 1 comment per post. 

  • The top 6 commenters are all people I know, family and friends, and the breakdown is:

30 comments (to the clear winner), 15 comments, 13, 12, 9 and 7. I don’t THINK this top commenter knows who they are, so I am hoping getting this package is a surprise.

It will doubly be a surprise if this TOP COMMENTER hasn’t been reading my blog lately (totally understandable) and I can just picture him or her getting this package and wondering….now why did I get this out of the blue? But that is funny too.  However, maybe, just MAYBE this top commenter is reading this blog post right now and will leave a comment, making his or her total 31!

THAT’S IT for now. Rijen is out of town, and my kids are clamoring to go play hide-and-seek. Leif is also pushing a random hot-roller curler d0wn the front of my hoodie while trying to climb up on my lap with one hand, and trying to “sweep” the keyboard with the miniature smiley face blue broom (from this post) with the other hand  so that’s a clear sign I need to push “PUBLISH” and step away from the computer.

SO stay tuned….hopefully VERY soon for POST #100!!!


6 responses to “Coming to You Sporadically Since 2009….

  1. Megan, I know I am not your top commenter, having only left 2 or 3 comments at most, so I cannot hope to look forward to receiving your fun prize, but I do look forward to many more blog entries from you!! Right now, for example, it’s 4:36 in the morning (with the time change) and I would LOVE to be asleep, but one of the babies is teething and refuses to cooperate with my need to sleep. Luckily I have your 100th post to read while he starts to doze, and you have inspired me to think about organizing and posting weekly photos of each baby as you have mentioned for Fiona and Leif. Hmmmm . . . Good luck with many more posts. I always enjoy lurking and seeing what adventures you are enjoying and reading your elucidation of each.


  2. Well, I know I haven’t commented the most and won’t be getting that super colorful & fun package, but I do love your blog & look forward to your 100th post!!


  3. With 20 posts a year you’re way better than me (and I’m not even a busy mom)! 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to many more posts to come.


  4. I so enjoy reading your blog! You are so funny! That’s a great box, is it wrong I totally want to go to Japan just to go to those shops?!


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