Happy Birthday Layne

Last year- Dec. 27th 2011

Heading to Pizza Factory for Layne's Birthday Dinner

Heading to Pizza Factory for Layne’s Birthday Dinner


Birthday cake later that evening.

Birthday Cake with family

He loved his nieces and nephews and cared about each of them. 


We had a fun evening together and played games. Lots of great memories.

This year- Dec. 27th, 2012

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This post is dedicated to Layne and to everyone who is missing someone this time of year. We cannot give Layne a birthday gift, a hug or tell him how much we love and miss him.  However the gift he will continue to give to us is the reminder to love and cherish family while they are here.  Spend time with them and tell them how much they mean to you.  

So much can happen in a year that we cannot control and may not understand the reasons for.  One thing we can do is remember the example of those who have passed on, share memories with each other and kids so that we don’t forget them and love each other that much more.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Layne

  1. Hi Meg and Rijan,
    We once more felt badly about your dear brother Layne. You are celebrating just right, just like he would have wanted you to do. He would like you to enjoy life, just like you are. He loved and loves you so much. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. We love you both and pray that you will be safe in all of your travels. I put your names on the prayer roll this week, so we know all will be well. You are such a beautiful family! We are so happy to have you in our family! Much love, Presidente y Hermana Wakefield, aka Garth and Kay Lynn – Bogota Colombia Temple


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