From Japan, with love.

This is the story of Christmas 2012 gift giving, and how I got from this:

photo (10)

No, I did not buy the $4,000 enormous Hindu/Buddist mythical bird statue with dangerous talons

despite this:


Leif pulling things off hangers and wrapping them around his neck.

to this:

photo (11)

Nicely organized. Until Fiona saw it and wanted everything, and didn’t understand the part of Christmas that involves giving and not getting.

then to this:


and this:


wrapping explosion

to finally this:


Batch one of three….

So that my family could open a Christmas box and see this:



It all began when I thought it would be “fun” to send everyone in my family/Rijen’s family fun boxes with interesting things from Japan.  It was “fun” – but a little more challenging than I thought. In retrospect, I probably should have attempted this next year, once I (hopefully) become more familiar with stores/shopping/language etc. etc….but- it seemed to all work out in the end, even though I was 3 days past the priority shipping deadline once all was said and done.

I know for some, the packages did arrive in time, however others may have not gotten their packages yet, so if you haven’t gotten your package yet and don’t want to be spoiled (STEFFAN) then maybe you should stop reading here.

Since I got mostly different things for everyone, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things some of you might be getting/have gotten in a quiz format. It might not be that fun for those loyal friends and readers of this blog who are NOT getting anything from me….but read on to the end and maybe I can make it worth your while.

So here is the game:

I will write a numbered description of the gift.  Then I will have lettered pictures. If you want to play along, see if you can match up the numbers with the correct letters. Answers will be in the next post.

1.  After using this item (not pictured) you can eat this. Because everything tastes better when it looks cute and is smiling at you.


2.  Which item matches with these phrases? IMG_1630

3.  This item was the most depressing/disturbing toy I have ever seen and I did not buy it. But let me know if you want one.  I’m sure there’s a good explanation for it.

4. Many received this product made in Okinawa through a specific process, part of which is depicted in this photo which I took on site:


5. One deserving individual will receive this product which contains this description on the back: “Using this in the room and bath will make you mitigable.” And no, Polly, it’s not a hint that you are normally unmitigable.  But if you ever are, you now know what to do.

6. One of my sisters will receive this, which (as I translated myself from Japanese) says that if used properly, your buns will soon look like those as pictured on the back of the product:


Ooh La La! OR Sugoi!

7. One person will receive something with this description:

“He is not just relaxing. Nor is he there just to occupy space. He is waiting very faithfully with an important message for his owner.”

8. One lucky person will get something with this description:


(The rest of you will just have to be jealous that none of your Christmas gifts involved putting octopus legs on your head).

9. Mystery meat. You better eat it, Landon. And Gavin.

10. This item will cheer you up when you do dishes. Or anytime you are feeling depressed, really.


11. This item contains the following text.  Double points if you know which of my siblings it is for, and why it is the perfect gift for them.   Clue: this item is yellow.

CREAT OF WORLD/7 Low Justice/Script Down/ONLY THE WINDING/ Find at the sea full of spirit, free and easy footsteps of the wind and gentle touch of the earth/THE CHARACTER OF STUART BAILEY BECAME A SOLO PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR.


A. DSC_0199





(Hint: Some of received this product, but packaged differently- in a shaker.)


DSC_0292 - Version 3



F.  This one I don’t have a picture for, because it would give it away, and Letter E was already way too easy . So “F” is a very special Okinawan salt scrub.



H.  IMG_1630 - Version 2





Don’t forget the bonus question!


Now, I am lucky to get even a few comments on my blog posts, which is absolutely fine by me! This is also just for fun, not that I actually expect you to put pen to paper and figure this out. (Although most of those were totally easy).  BUT if you do want to leave a comment with your answers, I will post the correct one tomorrow (or within the week!). If I happen to get more than one correct score, I will randomly pick the winner. And guess what the winner gets? Well….I do have a little box of interesting Japanese things that didn’t quite make it in my Christmas packages……


From Japan, With love.

From Japan, With love.


One response to “From Japan, with love.

  1. 1=E egg poacher. 2=H stickers. 3=G mushroom man toy. 4=I smiley ornament. 5=B roller massager (actually pretty effective; it made my feet mitigable). 6=F butt-massaging bath scrub. 7=J keyboard notes. 8=D octopus head massager. 9=A mystery meat. 10=C I thought this was sea salt, but if it will cheer me up when I’m doing dishes??? It could possibly packaged in a shaker. Bonus #11 is Steffan’s Engrish t-shirt.


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