View from my run





(Saw this, thought of Gary & missed NC. You who know, know what I mean. No cows though.)



photo (9)

Hard to see, but there were fishermen along the other side of the wall.


The stray cats were much more evident.



photo (7)


Christmas lights in our neighborhood

 I didn’t get a picture of it, but a big fruit bat swooped up from the ground and flew really close to my head at the very end of my run and totally startled me.


Ran along the sea wall Monday night. It was perfect- I couldn’t believe it was December and I was running on the beach at night in short sleeves. Today (Thursday) was the first day that it was really cold. Not sure if that means temperate runs are a thing of the past for the duration of the winter, but I am glad that I happened to have such a nice experience this week before the weather turned.

When I got home the kids were eating & Fiona gave me some funny faces.


Then we put up our fake “PX Special” Christmas tree.

photo (8)

Trust me, the tree looks better out of focus.

We had some issues with the lights. Yeah, that is all the lights we have. The PX only had garland lights & they don’t work so well as far as connecting to go over the whole tree.  Plus, since I decided not to bring any of our Christmas stuff, I have absolutely nothing to decorate the tree with, other than plans that are in my head.   So I am hoping that this will be the “Before”picture, and not our tree for the duration!  At least I made my often elusive goal to get the tree up before my birthday. We’ll see what the next week brings & I’ll report back.


3 responses to “View from my run

  1. Is it safe to run at night alone where you are?
    Is Leif as tall as Fiona? That is Leif in the tree pic, right? And that is Fiona, right? 🙂
    Love the car pic.


  2. Am I really explaining perspective to Aleida the accomplished photographer? Leif is a bit closer to the camera than Fiona, and Fiona has her knees bent quite a bit.

    In your defense that is one blurry picture… that weird one eyed green blurry monster with sparkly glowing teeth is about to eat Fiona. Which is probably why she is ducking.


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