Our day in four minutes

Leif’s ascent

If you liked reading about our day in the last post, below is all of the video I took – no editing, just as is.  Here are the highlights to look for :

  • Leif using chopsticks, well, licking them at least.
  • Check out that steam coming off the fried rice. If that doesn’t make you want to visit us, I don’t know what will!
  • Anyone recognize the song playing while Leif is very purposefully eating his ice cream?That will bring you back a decade or so.
  • The sweet father/daughter moment I happened to capture where Rijen is teaching Fiona the proper way to eat an ice cream cone. Notice how she repeats what he says.
  • I dare you NOT to laugh at Fiona’s singing.  She has been doing this a lot lately! She is so naturally talented.  I daresay this will be her big break.
  •  Impromptu dance party. Very short recording because I couldn’t dance and tape at the same time.
  • I love how Leif gets up to go out the door but then goes back for his little bear.
  • At the grill, you can hear Fiona saying, “We do NOT want to cook the gecko!” When Rijen took the cover off, I guess it had scampered out. Fiona was very concerned.
  • Leif learning how to use dishes. He’s growing up!

If you have four minutes, here it is:

And that’s it! Short and sweet. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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