When kids help…

I started packing this week. Today I thought I would pack some clothes. Fiona thought she could help me. What do you think?

Where's Waldo Leif?

She “helped” by emptying out the clothes bins I was trying to organize and then pretending the bins were either beds or cars. Leif followed suit by climbing into and over anything he could and plowing through my piles of clothes (there used to be nicely folded piles of clothes along the wall). She also excitedly started throwing random things into the packing box when my back was turned. The task she was best at was taking clothes off hangers. I am not sure exactly how this room ended up like this, but I’m just now finishing it….while the kids are in bed.


2 responses to “When kids help…

  1. You already started packing? When are you leaving? Did you get my last e-mail? Are you going to Utah any time in May? We’d love to see you.


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