Hey, Cupcake!

Making Brownies

To finish out Meghan’s visit (although I don’t know if anything topped the boots) I thought I would just put a few pictures on here with a little bit of commentary.

I thought it would be fun for us to try one of the many delicious brownie recipes I always see on Pinterest.

Meghan narrowed it down to these Rolo Fudge Brownies recipe here. The interesting thing being that you bake normal brownies, then put cut up rolos in the middle, along with caramel sauce and what the author calls “fudge” on top.  It was decadent, and delicious although I think if I want a caramel brownie in the future, I will stick to my old recipe.

Fiona just idolizes Meghan and wanted to help her along every step of the way. Here they are unwrapping caramels. I told Fiona to hold up her hand for the picture, and she took this directive very seriously.


Another fun evening, we took a walk to a nearby hill where the Texas Bluebonnets were blooming. I didn’t know this at the time, but the Bluebonnet is the Texas state flower, and it happens to be a “thing” at this time of the year to get pictures with them.

A friend and I had talked about taking family/kid’s pictures there, and I was trying to gauge the right time of day for it, so I asked Meghan if she could be a model for me.  I took Fiona, and although I didn’t plan on really taking her picture, I like the ones she was in.

Sadly, the weather and busy lives prevented me from coordinating an official photo shoot with my friend, and we never did our Bluebonnet shoot and they have since disappeared, so these pictures are all I have to remember this tradition! I love how they turned out though, and the moments that were captured between Meghan and Fiona.

Another place I had to take Meghan to was South Congress.  We did a lot of shopping (no pictures there since we were pretty preoccupied with all the interesting stuff to look at)…and I think she and I would agree that the moral of the story is to think twice before going into American Apparel. We will leave it at that, right Meghan?

Our hosting is usually all about the food, and we made sure that we ate well, with truly delicious burgers from Hopdoddy:

Shopping works up an appetite.

A closeup, just in case you are hungry!

We finished it off with dessert from our favorite food truck, Hey Cupcake!

Especially in light of our upcoming move, where we will be very far away from family, I am grateful that Meghan was able to visit us and that she spent so much time with Fiona. I’m glad that Fiona can get to know her cousins- she talks about them so often and now that there are 3 Meg(h)an(n)s in her life, she is constantly clarifying which one is being referred to at any given time. So I am glad that we all got a chance to hang out with Meghan and that she got to see a little piece of Austin.

We miss you, Meg and you are welcome to visit us wherever we are and whenever you want!


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