The Hidden Rainbow

Today’s green smoothie isn’t really green, however the ingredients are rainbow colored, so I still consider it part of my St. Patrick’s Day Smoothie theme.

The Hidden Rainbow Ingredients

For this smoothie, you need

  • 1 cup frozen cranberries
  • 1 orange
  • 1- 1 1/2 cup pineapple chunks (fresh is better)
  • 1 large bunch grapes
  • 1-2 cups leafy greens (if desired)
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 2 cups ice

There was enough liquid with the fruit that I didn’t need to add water or juice, but that might depend on your fruit & your blender.

Blend a Rainbow!

The Hidden Rainbow Smoothie

I have saved our favorite smoothie for tomorrow, however after all the concoctions that were created this past week, I am wondering if it will be my favorite anymore!

Today, Fiona and I baked bread…

…and yes, I think I will try and post the recipe at some point…..

….and Fiona serenaded Leif on the violin after his bath- I love how he totally didn’t mind her squeaky music & just laughed and laughed. Rijen and I…after a few minutes said, “OK, Fiona, I think it’s time to put the violin down now!” She was getting the “we go up we go down” rhythm pretty well though, Heather!

Our fun Friday night was to try a  burger joint that Rijen has had his eye on.  It is a chain local to Texas, I believe- Mighty Fine Burgers.

Mighty Fine Burgers- Austin, TX

Fresh-cut Crinkle Fries

Yes, it was a mighty fine burger!

Maybe we were just really hungry, but we both agreed that it surpassed almost any other burger we have ever had.  I really like Five Guys- and this place has a similar feel- fresh, basic ingredients, friendly cafeteria-style layout, however this burger had better “bun integrity” in my opinion.  It does not top Rays Hell Burger in D.C., however- that remains my ultimate favorite place for a burger.  If you are in the area, you must try it.

Back to Mighty Fine, however…they grind the chuck and form the patties on site, their lemonade is freshly squeezed, their fries are cut on site, their milkshakes (made with BlueBell ice cream) are hand-dipped…you get the picture.  Plus, the workers are friendly and genuine. My only criticism is that their Cheeseburger is made with American Cheese singles- I happen to not care for that type and prefer “real cheese,” however that is the only mark against them I could make.

We did have a funny incident though when we ordered, you can choose between 1/2 lb Hamburger and 1/4 lb Jr. burger. When I ordered, I asked for the regular burger.  The guy at the counter started to write it down, but then paused when Rijen said,”You do know that is 1/2 a pound, right?”

The guy looked at me, pen hovering in the air.  I looked at Rijen baffled, thinking, “Have we not been married for quite a while now?” but I said, “Yes, I want the half-pound burger.”  Rijen said, “Oh yes, of course, sorry.”

The worker smiled and wrote it down.  Hey, I wasn’t going to back down from 1/2 lb. of a delicious burger and I have no regrets.

They also had a very intriguing hand sanitizing station right by the fountain drink section, where you insert each hand in a hole and jets of water spray your hands from all directions.  I had to assist Fiona who was a bit frightened/intimidated by it, so I don’t have the picture of her using it, just afterwards as she is applying her “Clean Hands” sticker.

"Jacuzzi" hand-washer

By the way, that is Rijen in the background, ordering up our chocolate milkshake which we shared in the car on the way home.

Once we got home, I got the kids to bed, Rijen went to the store to pick up some ingredients to make sugar cookies tomorrow (Fiona has been requesting shamrock cookies this whole month), and then I did some last-minute St. Patrick Day preparations.

Before I explain that, however, I need to share the “Sad Leprechaun” story I mentioned earlier.

So, when I was in first or second grade, my mom somehow engineered this surprise Leprechaun activity that I had to orchestrate by myself in secret during recess at school.  Looking back, I am not sure exactly how we connived to do this, but this is how it went down:

She had baked Leprechaun footprint sugar cookies with green sprinkles & cut out Leprechaun footprints.  My role was to sneak back in the classroom at some point (maybe it was during lunch or during recess, I don’t remember)…put the tin of sugar cookies on my teacher’s desk and then place the Leprechaun footprints strategically as though the Leprechaun had come from the door, around the room, leading to the desk.

I successfully completed my mission, and went back to lunch or recess, probably giddy with excitement to see what would happen when the class and teacher got back to the room.

It all was exactly as you would picture, my teacher was delighted and all the kids thought it was so much fun.  As the teacher handed out the sugar cookies, she exclaimed, “Now, which of you was the mischievous Leprechaun who visited our classroom?” Everyone looked around, excitedly.

Now, my mom- who often loved to do nice things anonymously-  had sworn me to secrecy, explaining how it would ruin the “magic” of St. Patrick’s Day if I revealed that I was the one who had brought in the treat.  Under no circumstances should I tell anyone, not my best friend, not the teacher, nobody…that I was the Leprechaun.

So even though I was really tempted to tell the class it was me, I held my breath and just smiled, knowing that our secret would be safe…and that it would remain a St. Patrick’s Day mystery…..UNTIL some girl raised her hand.

“I brought the cookies in! I was the Leprechaun,” exclaimed the girl, ponytail bouncing. My jaw dropped– I couldn’t believe this girl had the gall to take the credit for everything!

So I had to watch as the teacher hugged the girl, thanked her and then had the whole class tell her thank you for her fun surprise.

As a mother now, I maybe can cut this girl some slack.  In several instances, Fiona has raised her hand and affirmed something to be the case when it wasn’t so. At the Children’s museum, when the worker asked, “Who’s been here before?” Fiona raised her hand. At Library story time, when Miss Debbie asked, “Who’s read this book before?” Fiona’s hand shot up.  At dance class, “Who had orange juice for breakfast? ” Yes, Fiona’s hand again.  Now….Fiona is 3 and this girl was probably 7 or 8, and she should have known better, but maybe she wasn’t exactly trying to take the credit, maybe she was just….excited?

Whatever the case may be, it is a good memory overall, and one I put to use this evening when Rijen & I cut out our own Leprechaun footprints.

Black cardstock footprints w/shamrock heel

Now, you can of course just cut out them turned the same way, and flip them to be L, R…I just did it this way to show the pair.  I also cut a few shamrocks out of green paper to glue onto the toe area, but then realized I had shamrock stickers and that was much less time consuming.

Then, I led a path from Fiona’s bed downstairs to her little table where the visiting Leprechauns will leave her a surprise.

To see what they left, and to see the last green smoothie in this series, check back tomorrow. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


2 responses to “The Hidden Rainbow

  1. I would really appreciate it if you would look up your teacher (perhaps she is on facebook?) and let her know that the pony-tail brat lied. Then I’d like you to find the pony-tail brat (surely she HAS to be on facebook!) and tell her you know she lied, because YOU were the one that brought the cookies, and I think you should make her contact everyone and have her apologize.

    That’s what I’d do. I don’t know how you’re being so understanding of her taking your credit! I guess this is just another example of how you are a better human than me.


  2. I love so much about this post. First, the rainbow theme is a perfect take on the holiday. Then the picture of Fiona with Leif is one of my favorites. I understand that looking at a picture of this scenario is perhaps much more pleasant on the ears than actually being present for it – but even then, the look on Leif’s face is just perfect. As for the burger, I really want to try it. My all time fav is Burgermeister in San Fran – so you’ll have to make it there and try it sometime and let me know how it compares. Then again, it does not have a cool hand sanitizing station so it may not stand a chance. Lastly, the Leprechaun footprints are amazing. I really want to copy that idea and do it next year – I absolutely love it. Can’t wait to hear how Fiona reacted and see the final smoothie post!


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