The Irish Spring

WHEN I was thinking of what would be a more relevant smoothie for St. Patrick’s day, I really wanted to try something with mint.  Hence the name “Irish Spring,”- a smoothie which would be light and refreshing.  I went to the grocery store trying to think of combinations which might be good with mint, and I came up with raspberries, pear and lime.  I have three variants you could easily do with this smoothie.

For the basic Irish Spring you need

  • Fresh and/or frozen raspberries- 1/2 to 1 cup – reserve a few fresh for garnish.
  • 1 small bunch grapes
  • 2 -2 1/2 cups spinach
  • 1/3 to 1/2 pear
  • 1/2 cup Pear juice
  • 2 cups ice

For the Moroccan Irish Spring you need all of the above, but add

  •  10 -15 mint leaves. (Pictured above to the left of the grapes).

For the Tropical Irish Spring– add ALL of the above (plus the mint) AND

  • 2 large spoonfuls of frozen Limeade Concentrate

Now, you all know that red + green = brown, so this isn’t going to be the prettiest smoothie of the bunch.  There is more green in it, but depending on how much raspberry, it isn’t quite as appealing.  If this bothers you, then just don’t use a clear glass! Trust me, it is delicious.

Oh, I guess there is one more variant, The Farmhouse Irish Spring– just add 1/2 cup of yogurt. I think I like it icier rather than creamier, but yogurt in it isn’t bad either.

Tropical Irish Spring

Sorry this photo is a bit blurry, I was holding Leif while taking the photo which was quite challenging.  At one point he grabbed a raspberry without my knowledge, crushed it in his little fish and stuffed it into his mouth before I could do anything about it. He loved it of course.

I put the raspberries (and mint) on top really for the picture to show what is in it, however I really liked drinking the smoothie with the whole raspberries, so I highly recommend you prepare it exactly like that.

The reason why I tried so many versions is that I wasn’t sure if Rijen would like the mint, so I made it first without it, gave him half, and then put mint in (tried that and liked it even better) and then put the lime concentrate in to try that version.  After he finished the first one, I gave him some of the last version, without explaining at first that I had put something else in it.  He said it was refreshing, and asked me if I had put some kind of herb in it, saying that it reminded him of “Turkey or the Middle East.”

I was happy that he made that connection (even though this is bringing us far afield from Ireland) because when I think of mint, I think of Morocco, where Joan and I were given glasses of mint tea every time we turned around.

Mint is used a lot there, as we found out during our time in Fez.  Not just for drinking or in cooking, but to ward off strong odors.

Chouara Tanneries

When we visited the Chouara Tanneries, the smell was very strong, due to the 14th century dyeing techniques still being used today.  To provide some distraction from the smell, we were given sprigs of mint to hold in front of our faces if we needed.


Speaking of Joan, she is doing an amazing giveaway on her blog that you should check out.  When I was in Utah this past December, she and I went to visit our mission friend Steve where he works as a shop teacher.  Joan asked him to design and create a “Book Hook,” based on a German design she had seen online. I had actually seen and bought one for Steffan, so I was excited to have Steve make one for me as well.

Look at the link above for pictures- I will try and add some tomorrow here.

So if any of you are still reading those things called books and sometimes wish you had a very modern and unique way to put it down without losing your place, you should enter her giveaway to try and win one of your own.

Tomorrow I am very excited to feature a smoothie which is based on a person & I will also tell you a sad story from my childhood which involved leprechauns.  Is that enough of a hook to get you to return tomorrow?


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