Life in a Hotel

WHILE our stuff gets shipped to the U.S. and we await our own departure,  we have been living at the very nice Le Meriden Stuttgart.

Fiona enjoying our hospitality fruit bowl.

These pictures were taken our first evening after an exhausting day preparing everything for the movers.  I was glad Leif was able to sleep through almost everything.

Turndown service + sleeping newborn = happiness

We really like our hotel so far. It is small, but a junior suite, so a little more space than a normal hotel room.  Fiona has a porta-crib, but they also prepared the pull-out couch bed for her, so we will see how that goes with her.  After the first few nights where she kept getting in and out and asking to be with us, she finally seems to have settled in to her little space.  It seems strange to “live” here for a month, so I have had to improvise to make up for the normal comforts of home:

Fiona's new bathtub

So we didn’t visit Fiona’s favorite fountain intending for this to happen, it just kind of eventually devolved into her totally immersed in this freezing cold water.  She loved it.

Fiona's new bedroom

For those of you familiar with “Wolf,” our 60’s era dress form,  you will understand whyI thought Fiona would be very comfortable in this room (bottom floor of the downtown Jako-o)  She really liked “her princess bed” and except for the price tags on everything, one could almost imagine it as a real home. At least we did for a couple hours the other day.

Fiona's new toy closet

I only brought a few cheap little throw away toys with us to the hotel.  So we try and go to a toy store about every other day so that she has a chance to “play” with toys.

Fiona's new backyard

Fiona loves this sandbox outside her favorite toy store, Spielwaren Kurtz.   After playing in it one day, she then asked to go there all the time.  I put her off the other day by saying that it was too hot to play there and that we would have to wait until it was cloudy. (Unless we get there at the right time of day, it is in the direct sunlight and not so fun for me with a hot baby in the front pack to stand out there while Fiona plays).  Fiona has an excellent memory and then spent the next couple of days asking me, “Mom, is it cloudy?”  If it was then she asked, “Can we go to the sandbox?”

Although I try my hardest to avoid spending any time in the hotel room, on some days we are there in the late afternoon/early evening.  It is fun to see how Fiona makes use of her new toy-less environment to amuse herself when we are there…the best game being “Library.”  She came up with it on her own, but I helped her kind of develop it.  Since we shipped all of her books with the rest of our household goods, we checked out a bunch of books from the library for her to have while in the hotel.  The chair is her “bookshelf,” and she uses the table as her desk.  Best just to put the video in here, and if you watch it to the end, you can see how I caught Rijen talking baby talk to Leif.

Even though living in a hotel is challenging, there are many benefits (not having to make the bed or clean the toilet) and it has given me one last chance to really spend a lot of time downtown before saying goodbye. I am trying to remember to take pictures and do a little video recording of our favorite spots in the city center, so hopefully that will be the topic of my next and probably last post while in Germany.

One more video: Fiona attempting to help me get Leif ready to go outside. She’s learning how to be a good big sister.


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