Sara..Sara…no time is a good time for goodbye…

THE last and very important visitor we had before moving out, my wonderful, funky, crazy wacky, funky cool niece Sara.  And when I say LAST, I mean it…Sara flew home the day that the movers came and that night we stayed in our hotel. So we really had visitors up until the very last few hours in our home!!

I'm the one on the left. Or am I??

I should just make sure it is clear to my family that currently:

Sara= blonde

Megan= brunette

I know that has confused some of you that we have switched hair colors, and I admit, the timing was a bit poor. We are both a bit sad that we didn’t time it better that our hair color overlapped more, but that’s just how it worked out.


When Sara wasn’t holding a tall white chocolate mocha from Starbucks, she was holding one of my kids..

Fiona got creative with her makeup for this "beauty shot."

Talking to Cara while holding Leif

All equally as delicious I think.

Since we sadly had to say goodbye to our incredible Lessingstrasse apartment and this view..

View from my upstairs bedroom window just weeks after having Leif, Sara came to meet her newest cousin and help me out.  I was so grateful that she was there- she helped me clean, organize, she did laundry, folded clothes, did Bentley impressions…

A: So…. someone told me that you may be here for the wrong reasons?

B: What are you talking about?

A: That you may really be here to promote your business?

B: No, what are you talking about,  I would never promote BENTLEY’S WATERBEDS, WHERE THE BEDS ARE COOL AND THE PRICES ARE HOT HOT HOT!

A:  Oh, I’m so glad I must have been mistaken. Let’s make out.

….and when we weren’t watching the bachelorette, she held Leif so I could get things done,  but best of all she helped with Fiona and gave her the attention that I know had been lacking in all the business of a new baby and preparing for the move.

I think one of their favorite things to do was to go downtown together:

Ready to go out on the town

Fiona adores Sara and not just because Sara got her treats at “Stoi-bucks” as Fiona calls it.


Sara and I also were able to do some fun things together as well…I knew it might be the last chance in a long time for her to have macaroni and cheese, of course we also had to have scones and chocolate chip cookies. We were so busy with all of this we hardly had time to think about how sad it was going to be to say goodbye. All too soon we had to take Sara to the airport and check into  our hotel.  Before we left, we took a few more pictures. I love this picture of Sara, but Leif seems more interested in the tassel on the scarf.

It kind of seemed appropriate then, when the movers came the next day and took away all our furniture, I saw something lying on the floor that had fallen behind the bookshelf.  It was the last thing left in the apartment after everyone had left and Rijen and I began to do the post-mover clean up.  When I got closer, I was so surprised to see this postcard that Sara had made for me that I had put on our bookshelf.  On the back she had written a message and the front she had taped a picture of us when we were little.

Osh Kosh B'Gosh!

Sara, you are also my first, and only true best friend.  Thank you for all your help that week and your support.  It made me so sad to find this postcard, because I missed you,  but I also feel very grateful for the times we did get to see each other and the fun memories we have now.

It also reminded me how important my family is to me and what unique family relationships we have.  Whether it is sisters who can also be like a mom, nieces  who are like sisters, or my half-siblings half-brother who is kind of a like my brother too,  I love my family and am so grateful to them. Can’t wait to be just a little bit closer to you all as much as I am sad to leave Germany!


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