Leif has arrived

 EXACTLY one month ago…

Leif Rijen Hendrick


was born on 22 May at 11:07 PM in Stuttgart, Deutschland


to Rijen

to Megan

and to Fiona.


weighing 3700 g- 8lbs 2 oz


measuring 51 cm - 20 in.


He is perfect and we love him.

Our new family


9 responses to “Leif has arrived

  1. Oh boy! He’s a cutie! Can’t wait to meet him and to see Fiona again. If you and Rijen are around, we can see you, too.
    And you are looking way too good for just having a baby!


  2. Megan! You have such a BEAUTIFUL family, with beautiful names of course 🙂
    I have like a zillion questions for you, about life since I last saw you (6 years ago!) but since I know youre in newborn status, Ill let them be 🙂


  3. Hattest du im Kreißsaal etwa GAR NICHTS an??? 😉

    So ein süßer kleiner Wurm! Wie findet Fiona ihren Bruder? Das Foto mit den beiden ist echt süß.


    • Well, they never gave me a gown. Still not sure if it was because there wasn’t time or they just don’t have hospital/doctor’s office gowns in Germany! Let me know how it goes for you when the time comes…..


      • Echt??? Das wäre ja der reinste Horror, ganz nackt im Kreißsaal. Oje, ich hoffe, ich darf mein T-Shirt anbehalten, wenn es mal soweit ist. Ihr fliegt also schon in 2 Wochen nach Hause? Ich muss wohl nicht betonen, dass ich dich jetzt schon vermisse …


  4. Love this post!!! What beautiful pictures of your new family. My favorite is the close up of Leif looking up – such a handsome boy. We love you and miss you all.


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