Morocco to SLC

FIRST of all, I don’t think I’ve ever put a lot of inside jokes on this blog, and I’m not sure if something is that great of an inside joke if you announce it as such…so maybe I should just call this a response….or a “shout out” to Life of the Riddle….

So to apologize to everyone else who ever looks at this and isn’t Joan and/or hasn’t read Joanie’s blog post Europe to SLC…either you can disregard this post, be confused or just read Joan’s very excelent, accellent and exsalient blog.  Joanie, this one is for you.

SECOND of all, this is not the “official” Morroco blog post.  Joan and I made a pact to each other that we would both post about our trip by Thanksgiving 2010, and we both failed. One shouldn’t make promises in the first trimester anyway, they are bound to fall through by the second.  I’m sure we will both get to it eventually……

But for now, my response to Joan:

Dear Joan,

I know you have been missing Europe lately, but I feel like you kind of slighted a major continent you just HAPPENED to visit this year. What about Africa?

Would you rather live here, or Neuschwanstein? Here? I thought so. That grotto is SCAARY!.

In your blog you said you were very excited about certain European products coming to SLC, and rightly so.  HOWEVER how excited would you be if the following came to SLC?

No. 1

I know you have had a lot of car grief in your life– you even blogged about the death of your car (didn’t it have a name?).  I also know that SLC does have TRAX, and that is all well and good, and I know you are about to tell me that nothing beats the good ol’ German Strassenbahn, but what about this:

The only way to get around Fez other than walking. No, really. It's the only way.

Doesn’t that donkey look so reliable? Almost as reliable as his owner, if you remember what he looked like. Too bad we didn’t get a picture of him too.  Plus with the gas prices as I’ve heard they are…I’m sure this donkey is looking pretty appealing to you right now.

No. 2

Ok, so H&M is coming to SLC. I am very happy for you, however but do you remember these guys?  Did you know they are bringing an exciting new Moroccan style clothing store to SLC and it will ALSO be at Fashion Place Mall?

Move over H&M, C&C is here!

Camels & Caftans (C&C) will provide the consumer with a very unique experience wherein they can dye their own textiles….

…and then they can spin the fabric themselves on the loom….

….and your finished product will shortly be made available….

…in a wide range of colors…

…and styles.

Surely you didn’t forget your favorite purchase, now did you?

Finally all your SLC friends can own a jacket just like yours.

C&C also knows that it is completing with popular SLC stores like Anthropologie, so they also offer jewelry and housewares. On a bit of a different kind of scale though.

Amazing Moroccan Silver

Who wouldn't want this swing for their living room?

Or perhaps this Genie Lamp is more your style?

Speaking of scales, however, that is the method of payment you have to use. Sorry, no credit cards accepted.

No. 3

The non-refrigerated H-Milk that comes in a box?  Okay, yes, it does come in handy and there are several boxes in my pantry right now. (Sorry to rub that in).  However, don’t you remember our favorite drink in Morocco?

Who poses with their OJ unless it is incredible?

Although maybe we were smiling so much also because we were just so happy to still be alive that morning...

Ah..the innocence of not knowing how sick I would feel less than 24 hours later. But I don't blame the orange juice.

I know this is a hard hypothetical question for you, but I pose it just the same. Which would you prefer- boxes of H-milk in your pantry, or someone to come to your home and make the best freshly-squeezed orange juice you have ever tasted in your whole life?

Anyway, of course I think Europe is incredible. I can hardly stand to think about leaving in a few months.  However, I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget about our incredible adventure in Morocco, even though it does kind of feel like some sort of strange dream that maybe never happened or was a wish granted by the genie that must live in that humungous lamp. So Joan, what do you miss about Morocco?


4 responses to “Morocco to SLC

  1. I wish I could have traveled with you. Now that both of you will be moms it won’t ever happen, I guess. I really wish I could have shared some exciting Morocco or Greece stories with you. I miss you guys so much!


  2. Megan, A blog post, three long emails, and a PHONE call while I was in the hospital. Can we say TAG I”m it! I’ll contact soon! Can we skype this week sometime?


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