The Rite of Spring

SHOULD always include an early morning and a beautiful park.

One gorgeous morning this week Fiona and I woke up early and went downtown to the Schlossgarten or park that runs from the palace (Schloss) back behind the main train station and then a long ways down where it connects to an even larger park.   The areas we explored were very peaceful and one could almost forget that you were in the middle of a major downtown area. Until a train went by of course.

Fiona looks very excited here because we spotted a very curious black and white duck.  We had brought some Zwieback and soft American bread, so she was able to feed it.

Sorry this video isn’t much of anything, I realized  in my pregnant state it was too precarious for me to handle helping Fiona in feeding the duck, monitoring her not getting too close to the boggy edge of the pond, and trying to man a camera, so I put the camera away while we fed the duck.  It is a pretty cool looking duck though, and I was also very happy that the wooden shoes we got Fiona in Amsterdam have just as much function in their use as real shoes as they do looking quaint on a shelf.

Examining a flower

Fiona was very good at modeling the dress I made her for Easter Sunday.

Rijen and I love this path lined with trees.  We would go bike riding here in the summer.

This was all before she started getting cold.

"I want to be warm MAAAAM!"

I realized the early morning breeze was not as idyllic as it would seem, and at this point the playground was in sight, so I decided to put the camera away……

….until I saw one more bright patch of sunlight and thought I could get away with a couple more shots…

..but when this happened I knew the photo shoot was over and it was time to put her warm clothes back on and go to the playground.

She got a sandy kiss from the Lion

And we had a lot of fun in this swing.

You see, she was a bit afraid to be in the swing by herself, so I didn’t really consider the potential consequences and climbed in.

You can tell that it was a bit awkward.  In fact, I contemplated the possibility of having to call for help from one of the joggers or bikers going by in case I needed assistance getting back out of the swing.  Luckily I was able to manage. Somehow.

Fiona of course then wanted to go on that huge slide.  I had realized my limitations by then and wisely told her that she had to wait and do that with Daddy.

This morning was very special to me because my time with just Fiona will soon be over.  As much excitement and happiness that I feel to have a son and for Fiona to have a sibling, I am well aware that the dynamic will change and I am already feeling nostalgic about our time together.  We have done so much together in her first two years- she’s been my little travel partner all over Europe and brought me so much joy.


7 responses to “The Rite of Spring

  1. I love this post!! Fiona is so pretty and the dress you made her is adorable. I also love that you got stuck in the swing. 🙂 Well, I don’t love that you got stuck in the swing, but I have to admit the mental picture is great.


  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Lovely dress and perfect model!! 🙂 Fiona is so pretty and I am so glad you had such a fun outing – minus the swing incident. That is really a funny mental image. Seriously, I am so glad you have had this precious time with Fiona and you have truly made the most of it. I am excited for the next dynamic since I can just imagine what a great big sister she will be.


  3. Was für traumhaft schöne Bilder! Unglaublich wie schnell sich Kinder in diesem Alter verändern. Fiona sieht größer und älter aus als im März, und das ist gerade mal zwei Monate her! Ich finde ihre Haare toll und das Kleid ist echt süß. Kannst du eigentlich bei dem Bauch noch deine Schuhe sehen? 😉


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