Fountains, Stones & Hearts


FIONA woke me up very early today, so here is our Valentine’s Day card to you, Rijen! (And everyone else).

First she took a bath & we talked about who we love:

Next she decorated our window:


And then…inexplicably… after running around, counting and talking about the hearts, she decided to undecorate:


Next we decided to take a walk down our street:



She almost didn’t wait for me..or her coat:

I thought this fountain just at the head of the intersection of our street and the major cross-street woudl be an appropriate setting for Valentine’s Day.  We have often walked by it and talked about it, but never looked at it up close:

Fiona was a bit disconcerted however:

SO after decorating the foot of the fountainwe moved on:

We walked up really high and enjoyed the view:


And then we curved down the hill on our way home, enjoying the warm sunrise…



…along with the fun of  stamping about in red boots.


That was our Valentine’s morning.

Here is a video of some more moments, including her talking about all the people she loves. I had written “I love you” in the bath, and then we talked about all our friends and family.  She got really hung up on SteffanandPolly, but was naming practically everybody, but I didn’t think to get the camera until the end, and then of course it is very difficult to get her to do a repeat performance.  Also included is her counting the hearts and then stills from our morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


5 responses to “Fountains, Stones & Hearts

  1. What a great way to start a morning! It’s so fun to see how you are celebrating! We love you guys! Rijen is a lucky husband and dad.


  2. And I was going to mention that Judson did the same thing…undecorating. Jud’s mom sent those sticker hearts that you put on the windows. He put them up right before bed then took them all down the next day.


  3. Oh my gosh. I haven’t seen Fiona in so long, and she is gorgeous. We miss the old continent. Take care of it for us.

    PS – happy St. Patty’s Day!


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