il mare

Fiona’s first (nervous) look at the sea

AFTER the long drive from Naples to Calabria, we finally made it to our ultimate destinaton: the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.  Of course before changing into our (matching- thank you Sara!) swimsuits, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of pasta in a veal tomato sauce with Dani’s family. Then we walked….literally a few steps and we were at this gorgeous beach.

Meeting the Mediterranean

At first, Fiona was very intrigued by the water.  She has always loved the water …so I was hoping that she would enjoy the beach.  However, once she noticed the waves, she got a bit nervous.

Yes, Fiona, that’s what the ocean does.

If you have been around Fiona, you know that she has a certain phrase for when she wants something to stop, or if she doesn’t want it anymore.  She says “All Di…..All Di!”  (Which in her language means “all done”).  This all purpose phrase works for when she wants me to stop reading a certain book, stop singing a song, if she is tired of eating something and….I suppose when she wants the waves to stop rolling in.  I thought it was funny how she was trying to command the ocean, seen here in this video:

Sorry, Fiona, I can’t make it stop!

Let’s just look at the pretty rocks….

or two….

…and a kiss…

..and she was ready to brave the waves..

…or at least dip her toes in…

…as long as I was holding on…

…and I was!

After that, she was in a better mood and allowed me to hold her on my lap while we talked about how the waves come in and out.

Until they got the best of both of us!

After that surprise, Fiona was ready for her towel….a vocabulary word she learned very quickly on this trip.

Best of all though, was being held by beautiful cousin Sara.


3 responses to “il mare

  1. Megan,

    Hi This is Claudia. I absolutely love your blog and these last pictures with Fiona are incredibly beautiful. I added you on my blog. Mine is


  2. Megan,
    looks so fun… I just had to add a post… because, dang you look so good.. I want to wear a cute suit like that but my body would scare off people. So I just wanted to tell you that i’m jealous, and you look good oh and yes your little darling is a cutie pants.


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