Today I Saw Baby Elephants

No really, I did. While here in Kenya for the next few weeks, I was lucky enough to go see an elephant orphanage. Consider this part of the scouting trip for when Meg and Fiona join me in late August. I really think Fiona will love this, not to mention how much I am counting on Megan to get great pictures!

I left the nice camera at home with Megan and therefore was left with nothing to take pictures with—well I did have my cell phone but the internet here is so slow it won’t even upload them.

One other thought about being back in Africa—the radio stations are great. They play such a mix of songs that you probably once knew well but had totally forgotten about. Prime example is Inner Circle’s “Sweat”…..look it up you will know what song I am talking about…


5 responses to “Today I Saw Baby Elephants

  1. That was awesome. My first thought was “Inner Circle’s Sweat?!?! What in the heck?” But sure enough, when I looked it up, I was excited to hear the song I loved so dearly and hadn’t heard in forever!


  2. Wow! Rijen this must have been amazing. And, SO different from some of the places you’ve been lately. Megan and Fiona have something to look forward to. And, if Megan had a fan club of Japanese tourists in Vienna, she’ll definately have one in Kenya!


  3. Hey Bro! It’s really awesome to see the pictures! How cool is that to be so close to the elephant. I wonder if they are nice animals. If it were just the two of you outside would it stare you down and challenge you to a staring contest to see who would move first OR just ignore you and walk away? Hmmm. I would have to agree with the circle of sweat and the awful smell that would come with that… Ooooh so bad! Well be safe out their! Love yas.


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