Biking is Good For You

‘ello Mom, I tip my ‘at to you

Today was a pretty good day, and it wasn’t because  I didn’t have to use my AK. No, today was good for many reasons. First and foremost it is Friday. I love the weekend, I welcome the weekend, I think I am going to friend the weekend on Facebook because we are that tight. Thinking about it, I am gonna friend Friday too because it is a direct sibling of the weekend.

Enough funny talk. Today was great because I got to take Fiona out for a spin our our new bikes and her bike seat. Let me back you up a second…Megan and I got bikes recently because, well because I have been wanting them for a long time and can’t really figure out why we never got them sooner. We got the bikes last week and then next thing you know I am gone for a week for work and Megan is off in London with Aleida, her sister, so we never had a time to go riding together. I’ve been itching to take Fiona out for a spin as I really wanted to know if I could handle biking with a little kids on the back. I know Megan really wanted to be there the first time I took Fiona out but I couldn’t resist any longer and took Fiona out.

I did this for two reasons: 1. I was home with Fiona at 3Pm and wasn’t going to keep her inside for the whole afternoon. 2. When I said, “Fiona, you want to go outside on the bikes?” she nodded her head vigorously and say “yah yah yah” about 20 times. No lie. Now, I know for a fact she doesn’t understand the work bike, but she does know the word “outside.” So, after briefly feeling like a I am prison warden to my own child who so desperately wants to just be ‘outside’ I took off for the bike ride.

This is where my Hero Dad feeling turned into a “I may be punished in the afterlife for subjecting Fiona to this experience”//”She will always remember this moment and hate my guts for it.” You see, Fiona hates anything on her head. Maybe all little kids hate it, in fact I am sure they do, but Fiona has a merit badge is resisting headwear. So you can already guess that she wasn’t going to like the bicycle helmet. What I didn’t know is that it would take me three to four iterations to get the straps right to get the dang helmet to somewhat fit her tiny head (see the photo evidence below). So, I finally put on he dang helmet and by that time the Germans were staring in our garage when they walked by. And what did they see you ask? Well let me tell you with shame–they saw screaming baby with snot and tears running down her face while her father is subduing her with his forearm and putting the helmet on with the other. Yeah, she will hate me if she ever remember this.

So, helmet is on, I hop on the bike and off we go down our steep hill. I hear the crying subsiding and the “no daddy, no daddy–all D, all D” (all D means all done aka STOP doing that!) getting quieter. While biking down a busy road I turn my head to check on her and she is just staring out to the side and seemed to be actually enjoying herself. All was good. We biked for about an hour through our gorgeous park in downtown Stuttgart—which I didn’t fully explore as I want to do that with Meg–and at the end we got some ice- cream for both of us (think of it as an appetizer before our dinner) and came on home. Megan has the camera and so I was left with my iPhone Camera and here are the photos from the ice-cream pitstop.

One quick note though about the ice cream…when I was biking home I passed the ice cream stand and thought hmm that would be fun to get but it is 5.45PM and she hasn’t eaten dinner yet, that is too bad, it would have been fun. Then I remember, hey I am 32 years old and her dad, I can do what I want!! So I turned around and got us some ice cream. Yeah these are the little life liberation moments I have nowadays.

Yeah, it isn’t a tight fit, but I promise she can see out of the helmet

All’s well that ends well, especially when it ends with lemon gellato!

So the rest of the night went fairly easily. Home, Skyped with Sarah and Layne who saw a rapidly deteriorating Fiona demanding the laptop be on her lap. Not fun. Then dinner, a bath (while Megan is gone I am trying a new experiment of giving her a bath each night to get her ready for bed), and then the usual books and bed. In the mix I had a good conversation with D-RO. Can’t wait to see his family soon!

Lastly, my soccer inspired theme for tonight is the recent Nike ad for the World Cup:

You know, I just might get through this weekend after all if I can keep this momentum up. Because, as JD knows, you know how I do.


3 responses to “Biking is Good For You

  1. Rijen, I love your posts! Fiona is one lucky girl, especially to have a dad that throws silly rules aside and buys gelato before dinner. I applaud the decision! I am convinced you are doing a fabulous job without Megs around – I have full faith in you. As for the World Cup – watching those videos makes me want to get in on the excitement and watch it myself. My favorite was the Puma video because those kids had the most amazing footwork. Oh, and I completely relate to having strangers stare at you while your kid is screaming like crazy. Not a fun feeling, I’m sorry!!


  2. This post was funny for a number of reasons… I can see David pulling the ice cream stunt while i was out of town. Also, we have had issues with the helmet as well but I think they get used to it or at least decide they can handle it when it is associated with something fun like riding a bike and/or getting ice cream.

    David has a few ideas on warming them up the idea too:


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