I Think We’re Alone Now….

For those of you who are thinking this is going to be about Tiffany and her 80’s remake hit, you are wrong. No, it’s Rijen here and while Megan and Aleida (her sister) are away in London, I got the keys to the car. So while I don’t have much to say, I do have a few comments to get out this weekend.

First and foremost, I am afraid. Why? I got Fiona for the weekend and this is my first time watching here all alone for three consecutive days. Just typing that makes me feel bad as Megan has put up with my many trips that take me away for prolonged periods of time. Sadly, I just feel she is better at watching Fiona than me. Although I am not sure I am ready to concede that Fiona likes Meg better. This weekend will prove that I suppose. She has only called out for her mom once. Success so far!
Quick run down of my first night alone and then to the main purpose of today’s post. Got Fiona around 3Pm from our friends house and I have to admit it is a great feeling to have you daughter call out “Da da!” and run over to you. Well Fiona doesn’t run really, she walks on her knees really fast which makes it all the more unique for me. That will never get old. On  the way home she fell asleep and I should have let her sleep more when we got home but I was so excited to see her I kept her awake. After a game of hide and seek, load of books, dinner, a bath, more books and a little chocolate treat for both of us, she finally fell asleep.

That is when the loneliness set it. I am sentimental and do miss Megan already.  It just isn’t the same when she isn’t here. I just have to get through the next three days!

Ok, so here it is—the World Cup at the time of writing is only 21 Days 1 hour 32 minutes away! So I want to throw up two video that get me pumped for the best event that happens every four years. One day, I will actually get to go in person.

Ok, first up:

The song is Wavin’ Flag by K’naan–a Somali who moved with his family to Canada when he was 13 (so says Wikipedia). It is not the official World Cup Song, but rather the official song that Coca-Cola  is using in its ads. Even if you don’t like soccer, please just watch the first minute and a half, some great South African history there.

This next video is ESPN’s promo with the voiceover done by Bono.

Lastly, leave it to Puma to come up with a great video. The video description from Puma: A celebration of true football. For Africa. For Football. For the insane love of the game we possess that unites us beyond borders. Bringing Football back to its roots. Because love is football.

Just crank up the volume and let Gnarls Barkley and Puma do the rest:

So, which do you prefer? And more importantly, are you excited? Ok, probably not. But don’t worry, Fiona and I are excited enough for all of you!


4 responses to “I Think We’re Alone Now….

  1. Rijen what up man? Nice blog post and baby pics. Your little girl is incredibly cute. Also, I remember you always being a huge soccer fan from back in the SLCC days. I wasn’t really ready for it back then I guess but I’ve become a big fan of the game in the past couple years, following all the various Int’l pro leagues and stuff. So I’m definitely looking forward to the world cup this year. As far as the vids, I think I’m feelin the Gnarls Barkley one the most followed closely by the K’naan one. Peace


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