Siena II

Walking to the restaurant

While waiting for Sara and I to finish our race, Sam got pretty hungry, so he got to pick out a slice of pizza to tide him over until the restaurant.  I thought the way he was pressed up against the glass was pretty funny.

Although getting full on that delicious pizza was tempting, Sara and Dani had told us about a really good restaurant they had found when they were last in Siena with Cara.  Although most visitors probably eat on the main Piazza while enjoying the ambiance, sometimes those types of restaurants aren’t necessarily the most authentic.  This restaurant was a bit more tucked away and seemed to be more of a local favorite.  Of course it would have been nice to have taken pictures of the several course meal we enjoyed, but by the time we got past the appetizers, everything was so delicious all thoughts of taking pictures disappeared.  Here is one of us enjoying the proscuitto and bread.

After the restaurant we walked around a bit more, saw the main Cathedral in Siena and then stopped at a cafe for hot chocolate.  Sara and I also had an opportunity to throw in some coins and make a wish at this well.

The Duomo di Siena reminded me of the one in Florence.  After all the cathedrals and churches in Germany, it is fascinating to see the differences of the Italian ones. I wish I knew more about art and architecture to really appreciate and be able to compare them more than the obvious things that stand out to me- for instance I find the use of the alternating black and white on the bell tower especially striking.

You can follow the link above for more information on this cathedral, but something very unique to this cathedral is the Sator Square, which is basically a word square containing a Latin palindrome. The Sator square predates Christianity, although it can also have very Christian associations as well and its presence can also be evidence for the presence of Christianity. There aren’t that many examples of it extant, so I wonder who decided to inscribe it on this cathedral and why.

A figure which does reoccur throughout Siena, as pointed out to us by Sara is the representation of Romulus and Remus suckling the she-wolf. Legend has it that the sons of Remus founded Siena, thusly this is the city’s symbol.

Sam on his scooter

Sara fixing Sam's gloves

I love Sam's big blue eyes

Can you guess what we shared with Fiona?


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