January 13th


The video below is how Fiona and I celebrated Mom’s birthday.  I also baked some bread, and would have taken a picture of it too, but by the time it was done I had forgotten all about taking pictures because all three of us were so hungry & it was delicious.

Here is a memory on the subject:

When Mom taught me how to bake bread, she sad that when you knead it, you should handle it like you would a baby.  She then demonstrated how you form the dough into a ball,  press in with the heel of your hand, fold over, press again, rotate a quarter turn and repeat.  Controlled, decisive…gentle but firm.

Now I think I should take that lesson the opposite way it was originally intended, and remember that I should handle my baby the way she taught me to handle the bread dough. I guess that means no matter how frustrated I get,  no yanking, slapping, shaking, or holding upside down by both legs.  Be gentle but firm. Good parenting advice.

Notes on the video:

  • I placed the pictures against the wall several weeks ago when I unpacked them, meaning to move them into the “storage” area (Guest room).  However, I noticed that Fiona really liked looking at the pictures of what I call “Baby Mommy” and “Baby Grandma” so I have left them there, and will probably put them in her room at some point.

Today I got out the other framed collage picture and some other things that reminded me of mom and placed them around the room for her to “discover.”  Of course it wasn’t always convenient to get her on camera every time she looked at them, and then when she did really cute things, like talking to the pictures, I would grab the camera, but then at that point she wouldn’t want to do it again, and just want to crawl to me.

  • Also, did you hear her say “Baby” in the first frame? Or am I hearing what I want to hear?
  • Today was the first day I really tried to “do” her hair, and I even was able to put a clip in her bangs. It’s kind of funny because I think she sees the reflection of herself in the picture frame and then you can see her try and get the clip out. I was a little stressed today that she would take out the clip and eat it at some point during the day, and sure enough, by the end of the day the clip was missing. I’m just hoping I find it tomorrow when I sweep the floor and not when I change her diaper.
  • I didn’t realize until I said it, but Heather’s Carolyn will always be baby Carolyn to me, so even though it is a mouthful, I have to say “Baby Grandma Carolyn.”  I’m so glad though, that there is another Carolyn in the family to carry on her legacy.

8 responses to “January 13th

  1. Carrying on a legacy, that’s a lot of pressure.

    I heard “Baby” as well, and that was before reading that you had heard it… she’s pointing really well, maybe she’ll be the giant wunderkind, or has her size started to become more average.. :].


  2. That is such a great idea, I’m very sad that my memories of her are vague but I will always remember the time I spent quilting with her. I am so glad she was able to live with us in Seattle. We all miss her. Good job at keeping the memory with Fiona!


  3. she definitely said baby. So — I’m going to send a baby picture of me for you to put down, actually maybe a picture of me now, so she recognizes me in June.


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