Halloween Eve..

….is that redundant?

Presenting Fiona’s failed costumes of Halloween 2009.

Since we don’t plan to go trick or treating, or attend any of the on-base Halloween activities, I wasn’t really planning to dress Fiona up for Halloween.  In the back of my head, I thought that I could put her in her black and white striped onesie with black tights with my yellow scarf and she could be a little French girl. NOT French maid, French girl. Or Venetian gondolier.  Something international like that involving black and white stripes. When I told my idea to Rijen, he also said it could be a mime costume.  A baby mime?  I’m sure that wouldn’t be creepy or anything…


She needed a hat anyway, so I thought a red beret would top off the outfit nicely.  I ordered the beret without discussing it with Rijen. Turns out he hates berets. So does Fiona.  She pulls it off even before I can get it even partly situated. Luckily I was able to keep it on her head by distracting her with her mirror image long enough for me to take a few photos:







When I saw it on her, I figured it wasn’t the best idea for a costume anyway.  I don’t think baby mimes are really going to be the thing this year.

Then, when I went shopping at the PX, they had a special section from China, like a “traveling exhibit,” but products you can buy.  I thought the little girl’s dress was really cute.  It looked way too big for her, however it was cheap, so I thought it would be fun to get for the future.  When I got home, Rijen and I put her in it, and suprisingly it wasn’t as big on her as I thought.  I think it will be cuter for her when she can walk though.  I didn’t buy it as a “costume,” I think it will be a cute dress/outfit for the future, but in the interest of Halloween, I will post it here:


Luckily, Rijen’s sister Sarah saved the day by mailing a very cute costume to us that we have already previewed on Fiona.  Let me tell you, I laughed the whole time she had it on.  So tomorrow, I will display the real costume.  We have also been practicing some sound effects, so if she cooperates, perhaps we will make it a video.

And we’ll still keep working on that mime act for later…



IMG_0318 IMG_0321






3 responses to “Halloween Eve..

  1. i think she makes a cute french girl. but i loooooooooovveed the actual costume she got way better. so so so cute.


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