Fiona Discovers She Can…..

….(ALMOST) Grab The Tag (hanging from the mobile of her swing).

The new feature I tried in this video, was to have a picture in picture of Fiona when she was only a week old. I wanted to compare the two stages of development. There is such an intense difference between the baby who basically existed on survival instincts- her main motions were about getting food into and out of her body. Probably my favorite thing was when she would move her little head and neck trying to find her food source- no matter where she was.  I wish I had gotten more video of this, because it was so cute, but this short clip Rijen took on February 12, 2009 is the only one:

Even from the first moment I looked down at her, I noticed how observant she was. She would just stare and stare at things. I would put Fiona in her swing when I did things around the kitchen. It helped me out so I could prepare dinner, clean up, etc., yet she was nearby.  She tended to look towards the side, and I felt bad that she was just staring at the side rail for long periods of time. It seemed “boring” to me, even though I know I am just transferring my adult feelings onto her, and those emotions don’t really apply to a baby as such.

In any case, if only to make myself feel better, I tied a ribbon onto the side. I knew babies liked contrast anyway. She seemed to like that. Later, since the mobile lions seemed to be beyond her visual point, I tied a little tag a good friend had made onto the mobile.  It hung a little lower, yet safely out of reach. It had a pretty flower and the intial “F.”  Then Steffan came along, and during his stay, he drew a goofy face and put that on there as well. We hadn’t had a conversation about this, however he must have noticed how Fiona liked to look there and wanted to make it even more interesting.

So, after three months of staring at this thing hanging in front of her, one day in June all of a sudden she starts reaching for it.  Writing this now, in October, it seems so “easy” to me, now that she is crawling and interacting with everything. However, I have to remember at the time what a thrill that gave me, to see her reach out to her world, literally for the first time.

It is unfortunate that in this video you don’t see her actually grab the tag…you might think the title is misleading. However, I feel that it wasn’t about her getting it, so I don’t see this as “Fiona Grabs the Tag,” (that came a little later), but that she all of a sudden realized that it was possible and went for it.


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