Fiona Discovers Her Tongue

IN the interest of finding productive things to do while Fiona naps and I am stuck in the bedroom of our Kelley Hotel Handicapped Suite, I have decided to get to know “iMovie” a bit better and look at the many video clips I have taken of Fiona over the past 8 months.

I will be taking a train to Leipzig early tomorrow morning, so in the meantime, since I won’t have internet,  I wanted to share some of these videos.  If I get them done, I’ll also try out the feature WordPress has where you can schedule post publishing for future dates.  That would be a first for me, since I am so behind!

The purpose of these short videos are to immortalize what I find fascinating about Fiona’s development  and for me to practice different features of the program. It’s also a way to share the random moments we have recorded of Fiona.

Another disclaimer: These will not necessarily be in chronological order. The first one was taken late July. I was watching Fiona in her swing, and she started to get a bit fussy, probably because she was hungry. However, she started to do something she had never done before, so I grabbed the camera, instead of picking her up, as she probably would have preferred.

It seemed as though her tongue had gotten stuck outside her mouth, and she didn’t really know how to get it back in.  One of my favorite things to watch her do is to “discover” different elements of herself–how her body works and how it interacts with her environment.  I am glad I got this on tape that day however- I have not seen her do this again.


One response to “Fiona Discovers Her Tongue

  1. love the video! hillarious! and judson loved seeing fiona. it’s sad, but i’m the same way. i typically get the camera before doing what needs to be done.

    i also loved the posts about fionas fashion help! your brother should be a baby fashion consultant. if only i had known his skills i would have had him consult us while he was here.


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