Forget Versace!

THE best part of going back to work was coming home to see what Steffan had dressed Fiona in that day.   I never explained much about what to dress her in, above showing him what was in which drawer.  Despite the fact that she doesn’t have too huge of a wardrobe, and baby clothes seem somewhat straight forward, I was amazed at the creativity, attention to detail and ingenuity he showed in getting her dressed.  Some of the combinations and even innovations Fiona sported during those 7 weeks I would have never thought to come up with.  Since I knew that my words would not suffice to explain Steffan’s baby style, I have carefully documented some of my favorite outfits below.

In our first outfit, Steffan reminds us that the “jean on jean” look, popular in the late 80’s and 90’s, never truly goes out of style.  Fiona sports a cute jean dress with jeans on underneath.  Although Fiona had worn the dress solo many times, I never would have thought to have paired it with jeans.

From think it is just a dress.....

From think it is just a dress.....

...but then the whole denim look comes together!

...but then you get a double denim surprise!

I had no idea that Steffan was following French Haute couture so closely.  What insight to bring these trends to baby wear!

Givenchy Resort Collection 2008

Givenchy Resort Collection 2008

Our second look draws mostly from Steffan’s internal inspiration, I think. When I came home to see Fiona adorned in this preppy plaid top with spunky hot-pink leggings, I pictured the following scene: Fiona crying on the changing table, Steffan holding onto her with one hand, and blindly rummaging around in the other drawer with the other hand, pulling clothing items out at random.

Mix and (Mis)Match

Mix and (Mis)Match

However, on closer inspection, I realized that underneath it all, she was wearing a colorful onezie with “bedtime” themed graphics.  Using “Encyclopedia Brown-like” powers of deduction, I realized that the nightclothes are in the top drawer, while the shirts and pants are in the second drawer.

This outfit then, was carefully planned- and not a happenstance grab, as it might appear at first glance. Besides, Fiona likes getting changed and rarely cries on the changing table.

Thusly, I had to bow to Steffan’s superior sense of style. I would never have worn the hot pink with the light pink together, and additionally it never would have crossed my mind to pair plaid with cartoon moons. Yet instead of clashing, the seemingly dysfunctional colors and prints come together in a harmonious dialectic of style sensation.

Furthermore, Fiona’s slightly nonplussed expression and body language clearly says, “Yeah, I know I’m rockin’ this outfit. ”

The following picture conjures up Fiona as a young woman, if she continues using Steffan as her designer:

Did Steffan dress you?

Did Steffan dress you?

Steffan also took some time to think about accessories as well.  In the second installation of this post, I will reveal his line of hats as well as clothing inspired by a early 90’s rap duo.  Steffan, we miss you!


One response to “Forget Versace!

  1. Hola That is funny. I probally would have never thought of thoes aswell. He has good style. He should get props.


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