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For the past six weeks, I have not updated this very often, or gone on the computer much for personal reasons, as I have been back at work.

My maternity leave ended May 1st and I had the decision whether to resign then or finish out the year.  This was a very difficult decision to make, however once I had the idea to ask Steffan to come out and watch Fiona, I felt I had found the perfect solution.  I wasn’t quite sure how this decision would be received by family and others, however whatever the opinions may have been, it has been a wonderful experience for us to have Steffan here.

When I have told friends and co-workers that my little brother was babysitting Fiona for me during the day, the most common follow-up question has been, “how old is he?”  I don’t think twenty four year old male recent college graduates with mountain man beards are what people picture when they think of a “nanny.” I will have you know, however, that Steffan was not my first choice. I DID have Rijen dictate a carefully rhymed want ad for a nanny to me and then I tore it up into several pieces and threw it into the fireplace. When Mary Poppins did not show up I decided on plan B, and we flew Steffan out.


Steffan did not know what he was doing when I asked him to pose for this. What a good sport!

Steffan did not know what he was doing when I asked him to pose for this. What a good sport!

I had hoped that Steffan would write on this blog about his experience while looking after Fiona, however he was very reticent about writing himself, so I will have to try and document it for him. I will be sure and get more on this blog from his and perhaps even Fiona’s point of view before the week is out.


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