Jump on the Bandwagon with Me!

Elephant Bandwagon 1915

Elephant Bandwagon 1915

So, I have Aleida to thank, as I usually do everything she tells me to do, and she told me to make a blog, despite my grave reservations.  So here it is- I hope to keep this blog somewhat updated and I hope that you will all check in to see how we are doing.  Of course, I prefer phone calls, however this may make it easy for those of you clamoring for more pictures of Fiona.

More goofing around

Goofing around with Dad

Too much goofing around leads to....

Too much goofing around leads to….

Aleida’s original idea, and correct me if I am wrong, is for us all to start a blog and link to each other.  I think this is a great plan, so I hope this can be one more way for us to stay connected.

BY the way, the “bandwagon” really is what it sounds like:

Literally, a bandwagon is a wagon which carries the band in a parade, circus or other entertainment.[6] The phrase “jump on the bandwagon” first appeared in American politics in 1848 when Dan Rice, a famous and popular circus clown of the time, used his bandwagon and its music to gain attention for Zachary Taylor‘s campaign appearances. As Taylor’s campaign became more successful, more politicians strove for a seat on the bandwagon, hoping to be associated with the success.  (from Wikipedia)


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