Password and Bradbury

To protect Aleida, in case she ever runs for office, or becomes part of the Obama administration, I have password protected the video of her in the PREVIOUS post. Furthermore, to ensure that only those in Aleida’s “inner circle” will be able to see this video, I have come up with a password that only such individuals will know.

The password for the video in the previous post is a one-word answer to the following question:

What was Mike C. wearing on his head whilst eating the forbidden steak?

If you think you know but the password doesnt work, e-mail me. Or, if you are like STEFFAN and cannot SPELL this word, make sure you look it up in a dictionary first!

By the way Aleida, if you were nominated by Obama, what position would you like? According to this article, there are still “hundreds of key Obama jobs still unfilled.”

I recommend the appointment to head-up NASA, and get started on that colony on Venus we were all supposed to be living on  according to Ray Bradbury (All Summer in a Day). Anyone remember Wonderworks from the 80’s who made a movie of this short-story?  If you have time to watch it, check out the forlorn little poem about the sun in Pt.1, the ultra high-tech green “sun-protector” visors in Pt. 2 and then it is Pt. 3 which I remember the best.

Here it is, I must have been 5 or 6 when I first saw it, yet I have never forgotten it:

Although on second thought Aleida, you probably won’t be fond of a colony on Venus, as it was depicted, given that you moved to get away from the rain. So never mind that NASA thing anyway.

**Don’t get confused and look for Aleida in the movie in this posting (no, despite wardrobe similarities, she is NOT the actress who portrays Margot).**


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